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Welcome to Fanworks

This is a MediaWiki-based site for fans to create their own fanworks and chat with other fans, free of censorship and other impediments to creativity and honesty.

You can add your own fanworks by typing the name of your fanwork in your browser's address bar after '', pressing enter and then selecting 'create this page' from the options available once the page has loaded.

Blog posts can be created with this link .


  1. You may make hate fanworks, this counts as; among other things; "Lincoln Loud and Ronnie-Anne Angry at Patrick, Squidward, Sandy & Mr. Krabs" since it's hateful and it means you take the characters too seriously.
  2. Due to the risk of uncreditable vandalism, anonarchists; i.e. Anonymous users; are not allowed.
  3. Because Miraheze seems to be less restrictive than FANDOM regarding controversial issues and people, you may not add SJWs and feminism, unless it is sex-positive feminism.
  4. You may add false, misleading, revealing, or defamatory information to your own pages.
  5. Excessively sexual content is allowed. NSFW as long as it does or does not cross the line or is/isn't controversial but sexual or not sexual enough is acceptable.
  6. Do not undo an admin's edit (this may or may not result in a block without warning).
  7. More scheming flame wars for this wiki as it does not have enough skillful dramatic interplay to handle. If this happens, you may or may not ignore it.
  8. No anonymous vandalism unless it's really good.
  9. No innapropriate articles, unless they are amusing to at least their author.
  10. No anonymous cyberbullying. If you do, you may or may not be blocked. (Looking at you anon. >:()).

If you break any of the rules, you may or may not be blocked.


Have any questions? Have any requests? Contact the admin.